Henri Matisse
( French , b. 1869 - d. 1954 )
Brief Bio
Henri Matisse (French , b. 1869 - 1954 )

One of the great pioneering masters of 20th Century art, Henri Matisse was an extremely versatile and productive artist. Although he was an outstanding sculptor, he is most widely known and loved for his paintings and graphics.

Lot Title
Auction House
Nu pour Cleveland
1932 Prints
September 28, 2015
Irish & International Art
September 27, 2015
Abell Auction Company
Fine Art and Antique Auction
TÍte de femme
1972 Prints
September 26, 2015
Venator & Hanstein
Moderne und Zeitgenossische Graphik, Moderne Illustrierte Bucher

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