Can I log in with my Artinfo.com account?

  • ARTINFO account holders will need create a new username and password to login to the Blouin Art Sales Index.

What do the BASI artist indices represent?

  • Our artist indices represent sold paintings only and take into account sold price, volume, estimate and other attributes. The indices provide insight into the value of an artist at a given time and the overall marketing trend for that artist.

What features does the BASI lot search offer?

  • The BASI lot search offers unlimited searches of art auction records and data from 1922 to the present. BASI allows for both "quick search" and "advanced search" options according to the artist's name, category, title, dimension, year of the artwork, sale price, year of sale, and auction house. BASI also provides the option for subscribers to "save" selected lots into customized collections that can be edited and printed.

    Quick search
    Search by artists first and last name or select from a list of all artists in database

    Advanced search
    Search according to the following fields:
    Artists first and last name (phonetic name matching for misspelled names)
    Artwork title
    Year of work
    Artwork dimension
    Artwork price in three currencies ($, €, and £)
    Auction House and Sale Code
    Auction Date
    Artwork Lot Number
    Results Lot Sort according to: Price, Size, Dimension (metric/imperial)

    Saved Lots
    Create a portfolio of saved lots for later reference and use.

How many artworks does the BASI database hold?

  • The BASI database holds over 4.6 million results, dating back to 1922.

    The BASI database consists of the following data-types:
    Paintings – Over 2.7 million records
    Works on Paper – Over 1 million records
    Sculpture – Over 200,000 records
    Prints – Over 100,000 records
    Photographs – Over 45,000 records
    Miniatures – Over 15,000 records

    The BASI database represents auction records from auctions in the regions of: North America, Europe, India and China.

How many auction houses does the BASI database include?

  • The BASI database obtains art auction records from over 350 auction houses worldwide.

How many artists does the BASI database include?

  • The BASI database features records from approximately 225,000 different artists from around the world.

Why Choose BASI?

  • BASI offers one of the most comprehensive art auction reference databases in the world. Unrivaled in its range, BASI is the only database to offer pricing data from 1922 to the present. The BASI database is unprecedented in its accuracy. The BASI team has verified all data with confidence and can ensure that the highest level of accuracy and detail has gone into compiling this extensive and secure database. .

    BASI offers a host of analytical and quantitative tools, placing the data found within the art price database in the context of the greater economy. These additional tools provide subscribers with the ability to track and chart the most recent movements in the art market. Additionally, up to the minute editorial coverage from ARTINFO.com contributes to further insight into art market trends and happenings.

    Subscribers will have the opportunity via these features to keep track of the major events in the auction world as well as inform subscribers in their buying and selling decisions.

    BASI also offers unlimited lot search allowing subscribers to fully satisfy their art buying and selling questions.